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Raspberry Wicking Bed Project

I've been looking at wicking bed ideas for a while now and the more I see, the more I wish my existing beds were set up this way. For the past few years I have had my collection in raspberries in pots, but last year they didn't enjoy the Summer and … [Read More...]

Giveaway! Grow Just One Thing

Kyrstie Barak's book, Grow Just One Thing - The first step in a fresh food journey (RRP$22.95), released earlier this year is all about motivating gardeners to grow their own food. Her book is full of great ideas, helpful advice on where to start, … [Read More...]

Taking shortcuts – Roll ‘n’ Grow

Given my habit of scattering seeds too heavily, and that fact that I find planting straight rows a bit of a challenge, it seemed that the Roll 'n' Grow seeded mat by Mr Fothergill's would be a great product to try. For those not familiar with the … [Read More...]

What I’m growing this season

As each new season arrives, I take some time to plan what I will grow for Spring/Summer. I've rested most of the beds, planted green manure crops and topped up the beds with sheep and chicken manure and compost. An extra step I didn't take last year … [Read More...]