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Real Tomato Sauce

When we grow tomatoes over Summer, this is what the kids request I make - real tomato sauce. I've adapted this recipe from Sally Cameron's Grow It Cook It and it's easy to make a double batch if you have more tomatoes. I don't water bath these, but … [Read More...]


The makings of a broody breaker

Just when I was having to think up new recipes for the excess of eggs, two of the hens decided to halt their day job. The ever reliable Isa Browns are still doing their egg-a-day- routine, but both the Barnevelders have other plans. Betty has … [Read More...]


Grow your gifts!

I love the festive season. The cooking, time with family, the warm weather and a summer garden full of promise. But I could do without the constant marketing to buy more stuff! Given that I prefer to be in the garden than in a shopping centre I do … [Read More...]


Shifting Soil

It seems that the Cup Day weekend is a good weekend to shift some soil. The two photos above are exactly 4 years apart - the first photo shows that I did have a little help from one of my mini gardeners the first time round. That makes our main … [Read More...]