A new skill – macrame

Who knew that my gardening adventure would lead me to macrame. Not me, but I’m so glad it did.

I received a parcel in the mail last week – a DIY macrame kit from Australian designers TMOD. It came with all of the instructions, the glass jar, beads, metal ring and gorgeous minty-green cord. I needed to supply the plant and soil (I went with ‘pizza’ thyme), scissors, a ruler and a place to hang/hook the rope as I worked (I taped mine to the edge of a table).

macrame-4 macrame-1 macrame-2 macrame-3

(click images to see a larger version)

It was a great ‘indoor gardening’ activity and I found it to be quite therapeutic. You’ll notice the assembly photos are at night as it was easier to concentrate without the kids wanting to help out, but it was definitely more straight forward than I thought it would be. After unpacking everything I decided to plant up the jar first. I was happy that the sticker on the jar peeled off easily and the jar is a great size for a favourite sprawling herb like thyme. I think next time I’ll put some decorative pebbles at the base for a different look and better drainage.

Even with no macrame experience, I was able to make this in under an hour (even counting the time taken to undo a few knots along the way – it pays to read the instructions carefully!) and I’m really pleased with the results. It would make a great gift for a crafty gardening friend.

The end result:

macrame-6 macrame-5 hero-macrame

The TMOD DIY Macrame Hanger Kit (in Mint or Natural RRP $39.95) was supplied by NoteMaker. It is available from the NoteMaker online store > click here for more details


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