About Tash

About TashHi, I’m Tash, and My Home Harvest is my blog.

I am a keen gardener and I love planting foods I can eat! I’m based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. My once unruly backyard is slowly being transformed into an urban edible space where I have planted fruit frees, established a large vegetable patch, and recently we’ve constructed a chicken run so we can also farm eggs. And we haven’t even started in the front yard!

This blog is for people who are thinking about growing their own food, or are already on their journey to create an edible garden. By sharing my journey I hope to be able to inspire you to grow more of your own food.

I love being able to wander into the garden and pick herbs and vegies to add to our family meals. And I love hearing the kids squeal with delight when they uncover a strawberry ready to eat.

I do hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

– Tash

For media enquiries, interview, speaking engagements, comment or photos, please email me at natasha@myhomeharvest.com.au