We first added chooks to our backyard in November 2014. We currently have four chooks - our original two Barnevelders (Bluebell and Big Betty) and two ISAs (Magic and Joyce). Here are the blog entries about our chickens, their home and their antics.

The makings of a broody breaker

Just when I was having to think up new recipes for the excess of eggs, two of the hens decided to halt their day job. The ever reliable Isa Browns are still doing their egg-a-day- routine, but both the Barnevelders have other plans. Betty has decided that it's a good time to … [Read more...]

The first eggs from our chooks

Well we were told that the chooks would start laying before Easter, and yes - indeed they did! To be honest I'm not sure if only one of our girls is laying, or both. We have been getting around 5 eggs a week, and none have been two at once. One of our hens is 2-3 weeks younger, … [Read more...]

Goodbye Buttercup

It's a hard thing to watch a sick chook. And something that I was hoping to escape from having to witness so early on in our backyard chicken journey. But on Friday one of our chooks, Buttercup, wasn't herself - she was slow, sitting around a lot. Saturday and Sunday saw her … [Read more...]

We have chooks!

        We have three Barnevelder hens in our backyard flock - Bluebell, Buttercup and Betty Brown (now Big Betty). Apart from being thoroughly entertaining, they are also very practical pets for a backyard garden. Yes, pets. With two young kids, … [Read more...]