Kale & Cashew Chips

There is something fabulous about making a great kale chip - full of flavour, crunch and melt-in-your-mouth type of goodness that may even convince you to grow some more! I like using the curly leafed kale but you can use any that you like! Ingredients one bunch of kale, … [Read more...]

Welcome, Winter.

As a new season begins, I took a walk around the garden to look at where I'm at as we step into Winter. It all looks fairly quiet (if a bit messy) but I like this time of year when the garden slows, builds it's reserves and seems to await the warmer weather. Here are the photos. … [Read more...]

Cold weather gardening strategies

I've admitted before that it's sometimes a struggle to get motivated to get gardening in the colder months. But armed with a bunch of seeds, an extra layer of clothing and my boots, I've realised that it doesn't take long to get warm (especially when pulling out weeds and … [Read more...]

The first eggs from our chooks

Well we were told that the chooks would start laying before Easter, and yes - indeed they did! To be honest I'm not sure if only one of our girls is laying, or both. We have been getting around 5 eggs a week, and none have been two at once. One of our hens is 2-3 weeks younger, … [Read more...]