Nadja’s Garden

Nadja helps others to create beautiful productive gardens, so it's no wonder that her garden is teeming with life! Here's some photos from Nadja's Adelaide garden taken at her 'Spring Open Day' in October. A rosemary, sage and thyme border, a passionfruit vine, fruit trees, and … [Read more...]

A patch with a coastal view

I arrived at the quiet seaside town of Bermagui (on the NSW coast) last week for a few nights stay for a family wedding. While the little seaside shacks we were staying in were lovely, what made me smile was right next to our place was the caretaker's little vegetable plot and an … [Read more...]

Beechworth Patch to Patch Pedal

How great would it be to take a look at a range of fabulous edible, productive spaces all a short bike ride away from each other? Well if you're in Beechworth (VIC) this weekend, Saturday October 19 2013 could be your lucky day. Here's some more details (PDF file) if you're keen … [Read more...]

Paul’s Edible Front Yard

Just around the corner from me in Camberwell (VIC) is an inspiring front garden - colourful and edible. As described by it's owner Paul, their 'rustic' front yard was transformed last year with 'many a Ute load of cow or zoo poo and the odd rusty metal piece'. And what a … [Read more...]