Hannah’s Veggie Patch

This lovely green leafy veggie patch belongs to Hannah in Melbourne. A great selection of greens are in the raised beds along with a great range of potted goodies - including a curry leaf plant which is on my list of things to start growing too! Take a look at the photos … [Read more...]

Natalie’s Garden

Natalie moved into her 1960s beachside cottage near Adelaide less than a year ago and is making a start on a challenging site - sitting on limestone - so raised garden beds are the go. Take a look at her progress so far (and notice the tinsel to deter the snails - a hint found on … [Read more...]

Reade’s Verge Garden

It seems that nature strip gardens (also known as 'verge' gardens) are on the increase and a great example is Reade's verge garden located on the Mornington Peninsula (VIC). "Inspired by Costa and Michael Mobbs, I created this verge garden in front of my home to encourage members … [Read more...]