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Profile-Kemi-Raw-KitchenWhen I first introduced to the concept of ‘raw food’ and the benefits of introducing more of it to my diet, I thought that meant eating more celery and carrot sticks. And that didn’t sound too exciting. Thankfully I stumbled across Kemi’s Raw Kitchen and soon discovered the amazing richness and depth of raw food. Kemi Nekvapil established Kemi’s Raw Kitchen in 2010 after eating raw food for five years – and feeling fantastic because of it. She wanted to share the benefits with others by showing them simple and inspiring ways to introduce more raw food into their lives.

Through Kemi’s Raw Kitchen, Kemi offers classes, workshops and presentations all supported by an extensive website and a buzzing online community. More recently, Kemi has launched Raw Beauty Queen, with her next Raw Beauty Weekend 2-day workshop taking place in Melbourne 3-4 August (find more details here). Kemi inspires and coaches women all over the world to live a fulfilled life of beauty, passion and purpose.

kemi-garden-profileWith her work revolving around wellbeing, nutrition and raw food, it’s no surprise that Kemi is also a keen food gardener with a lovely kitchen garden. I asked her more about her passion and her garden:

What’s your passion? I am passionate about people feeling good about themselves. I am passionate about people reaching there full potential and adding raw food to your life is a great foundation for this.

Do you currently grow your own food?: Yes, I am very blessed to have a large organic garden. Currently in my garden I have 3 kinds of kale, kohl rabi, beetroot, peas, garlic, artichokes, I could keep going!

How would you describe your gardening style?: Nourishment for the soul with leanings towards permaculture.

What’s your favourite fruit or vegetable to grow and why?: Greens because they are simple to grow and a super power in the nutritional stakes.

Your favourite meal with food/produce straight from the garden? Green Smoothies, a beautiful blend of greens and fruits.

Your favourite phrase or life motto: “Anything is possible” and “What you want wants you.”

Your biggest garden failure: No such thing as failure only lessons learnt. To tackle wooly aphid as soon as you spot it, is my current lesson.

Your biggest garden success: Having a thriving garden as well as 2 young children, a marriage and two businesses.

Favourite gardening tool: My hands

Your favourite type of tomato: I love any of the heirloom varieties and I always try and plant at least 10 varieties each year.

Garden gnomes: Yes or no? Depends on the gnome.

You can find out more about Kemi’s Raw Kitchen here:, and Raw Beauty Queen here:

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