Melbourne: Cool one day, a scorcher the next

crispy-garlicDon’t get me wrong, I love a little bit of Summer heat. But a few days over 35C in the first few days of October is hardly typical weather for Melbourne and despite planning as best as I could with extra waterings, shade and mulch, my garden reacted accordingly.

Overall my garden wasn’t impressed. The established plants and trees were fine, the pottedĀ berries soaked up extra water from the drip trays and anything that was in semi-shade did well. But taking a look at the garden a week later shows that the heat did take its toll on the veggie garden. Any plants that are susceptible to bolt to seed did just that – carrots, Brussels sprouts, silver beet, kale – the broadbeans also suffered, as did the garlic both of which didn’t appreciate the sun and the hot winds.

So I’ve lost some of my crops, they will become compost or eggs (when recycled by the chooks) I’ve hoping most of the broad beans and the garlic recovers. And I guess it means that it will make room to plant some of the Summer crops a bit earlier than expected.

Not a complete disaster, but Melbourne’s weather always keeps me on my toes!


  1. says

    Shade covers should never be far from the garden in anticipation of hot weather. Mine coped well enough but the lettuces and the winter leafy greens were all shaded with old bed sheets. Your garlic looks fine from the photos!

    • natasha says

      Thanks Maria – some was shaded – but the hot winds removed some of the shade when i wasn’t looking šŸ™‚

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