Shifting Soil


It seems that the Cup Day weekend is a good weekend to shift some soil. The two photos above are exactly 4 years apart – the first photo shows that I did have a little help from one of my mini gardeners the first time round.

shifting-soil-new-bedsThat makes our main raised vegetable patch 4 years old. Happy birthday to the garden!

Last year we added the chicken run and long raised bed alongside it. This year we’ve added two additional raised beds behind the chicken run and it’s these two that I have spent the weekend filling with soil.

When I say soil, I mean lining with cardboard boxes, and filling with soil, compost, worm castings, spent coffee grounds and manure.

favourite-seatThese two beds are in the sunniest position – great in winter, but they will need protection in summer. So next weekend it will be all about setting up a frame for netting and shade when needed, but for now, mulch and seeds to go in.

This season I’m going to try pumpkins and sunflowers in one bed, and perhaps try some zucchini and tomatoes in the other.

But the question is – now that the main raised beds are in, and the chook run is complete – what’s next?

Might just have to kick back in my favourite seat in the garden and ponder that for a while…

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