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roll-n-grow-10sept1Given my habit of scattering seeds too heavily, and that fact that I find planting straight rows a bit of a challenge, it seemed that the Roll ‘n’ Grow seeded mat by Mr Fothergill’s would be a great product to try. For those not familiar with the concept, it’s a paper mat that comes pre-seeded in rows. Place the mat on top of your soil, cover lightly with soil and water it in.

I chose the Salad Vegetables mat (carrot, radish, spring onions, lettuce and beetroot) and chose a day when the soil was moist from the overnight rain. The mat is quite big at 2m long and 45cm wide. You can, of course, cut the mat to suit your space. You can also choose to cut a section to plant on one day, and keep another section to plant at a later date to stagger the harvest time. I chose to cut mine in half and plant them side my side at the same time, so it covered a space of 1m2 after leaving space between the two pieces (as the seeds were right on the edge).

roll-n-grow-10sept2After covering the mat with a light sprinkling of soil, I also added a light covering of sugar cane mulch – mainly so I could remember where I planted it! You could also place markers in the four corners – though if you have a smaller garden, remembering where you planted it may not be such an issue.

It was easy to cut to size and place in the garden – though if it’s a windy day you might want a few handfuls of soil handy to weigh it down a bit as you get it into it’s final position. I love the fact that it’s fully degradable – and it was so quick!

roll-in-grow-4-octJump to four weeks later and all of the rows are appearing and I’m happy that most of the seeds have germinated. Though this method does minimise the need to thin out the plantings, I will over the next week thin them out to a spacing of 5cm apart for the radish and spring onion 5cm apart and 10cm apart for the lettuce, beetroot and carrot.

I’ll post another update next month on how it’s all growing.


If you want to try the Roll’n’Grow Mat for yourself, I have one to give away! Just email me the names of the three seed mats on offer from MrFothergills, along with your postal details, and if you’re the 10th person to email me then the Roll’n’Grow mat is yours! (Hint, check out the Mr Fothergill’s website for product details). One entry per person.

Note: The Roll’nGrow Garden mats were donated to My Home Harvest by Mr Fothergills

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