The first eggs from our chooks

first-eggsWell we were told that the chooks would start laying before Easter, and yes – indeed they did! To be honest I’m not sure if only one of our girls is laying, or both. We have been getting around 5 eggs a week, and none have been two at once. One of our hens is 2-3 weeks younger, so there’s a chance that she’s not yet laying. But 5 eggs a week seems a bit high for a Barnevelder – so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Our first egg was the biggest – and was a double-yoker. The kids were mighty impressed. The rest of the eggs have been decent sized (around 50g) eggs. The first couple were laid outside in the run rather than the nesting box. Looking up a few ideas to encourage the hens to lay in the nesting box, I came across the use of a fake egg and placing it in there to give the hens the right idea. Well, I didn’t have one, but we did have an old golf ball so we used that instead. It seems to have worked – all eggs since have been found in the nesting box – hurray!

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