We have chooks!






We have three Barnevelder hens in our backyard flock – Bluebell, Buttercup and Betty Brown (now Big Betty). Apart from being thoroughly entertaining, they are also very practical pets for a backyard garden. Yes, pets. With two young kids, it’s hard to call them anything else.

We purchased them as 6 weeks old chicks (in November 2014), which meant they were just big enough to go out in the chicken run by themselves, but still young enough to ‘grow up’ in our backyard.

We chose Barneveders for their quiet nature, they are good (but not excellent) layers, they lay decent sized eggs and they are a medium sized chook making them easy to handle (if you can catch them). We’re very happy to have them as part of our garden and we’re looking forward to our first eggs (due around Feb)!

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